Paid Wait List Policy

We are currently accepting paid wait list deposits for the following types of units/neighborhoods:

-3 bed, 3 bath and larger (life lease)

-Zion Ridge Court 2 bed, 2 bath (life lease)

-Timber Ridge Court 2 bed, 2 bath (life lease)

-Prairie Ridge Court 2 bed, 2 bath (life lease)

-Evergreen Court 2 bed, 1 bath (life lease)

-2 bedroom, 2 bath rental options (Prairie Ridge neighborhood only)

-2 bedroom, 1 bath rental options

-1 bedroom, 1 bath rental options


Paid Wait List Policy

The paid waitlist is designed to serve those prospective residents who are ready to move to Maple Lawn Homes, but the neighborhood they want to move to (or unit model) is fully occupied.


A $1,000 refundable deposit is required to get on the paid waitlist.  Your position on the waitlist depends on the date of your deposit.  We have multiple waitlists depending on neighborhood and unit types. A single deposit can get you on as many lists as you are interested in.


Once your position is up to tour an available unit, you will be notified and given one week to decide whether or not to move into the unit.  If you decline three units, your position will be moved to the bottom of the paid waitlist.


If you decide to pursue a unit, a renovation plan will be developed and executed with a target move-in date established.  Your deposit will either be converted into your security deposit (rental) or deducted from your purchase price (life lease).


If you have any questions on the paid wait list policy, please contact Jeremy at 309-431-1946 or email [email protected]


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