Q) What are the qualifications for living at Maple Lawn Homes?

A) Residents must be at least 55 years of age.  Residents also must be able to care for themselves or have care arranged through an independent home care provider.  Residents must pass a criminal and financial background check upon completion of an application.


Q) Can I renovate my unit?

A) Yes, each unit comes with a renovation allowance where residents can make choices that are paid for by Maple Lawn Homes.  If you want something outside of the renovation allowance, we are happy to facilitate it through one of our qualified independent contractors at a cost billed to the resident.  Some units are renovated prior to marketing and are offered as is.


Q) Can I have a pet?

A) We welcome pets with no additional security deposit required.  We ask residents to take responsibility for the care of their pets and to notify management when they bring a new animal into their home.


Q) What size units do you have on your campus?

A) We have 102 units on our campus ranging from 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom units of around 500 square feet to 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom units of over 3,000 square feet.


Q) What are your financial options?

A) Residents can rent their cottage or choose a life lease buy-in option.  By talking with our leasing professional, you can find out which option is right for you.


Q) Can I have guests?

A) Yes, we allow overnight guests for up to 14 nights into our units.  We also partner with a couple of local Airbnb providers within Eureka in case you need extra space for your stay.


Q) Where can I park my car?

A) Four out of our five neighborhoods have one car attached garages for our residents to park their vehicle.  A couple of neighborhoods also have extra wide driveways for residents to park a second vehicle.


Q) Do you have any other care options?

A) Currently, we are an independent living community only.  We do allow for residents to bring in independent caregivers at their own expense.  The level of care can vary from a few hours per week to 24 hour care.  We are happy to put residents and families in touch with our caregiving partners.


Who Are Our Residents?

Active and constantly on the move! Visiting family, watching grandkids, working or volunteering in the community, and going on exciting adventures!


To help facilitate this lifestyle we provide

A carefree home from which to base these adventures.
Predictable monthly expenses.
Check in maintenance service for our residents who travel many months out of the year.
Maintenance with no hidden costs.
Automatic lawn and landscaping care.
Pavilions and social center for visiting friends and family.
Bus and driver that provides event and meal trips throughout the month.
Multiple potluck and community events every months.


Peaceful and exploring their hobbies, appreciating the changing seasons, and spending time with their closest friends and family! To help facilitate this lifestyle we provide

Homes with sunrooms that make the perfect hobby or craft workshop.
Homes with large picturesque windows.
A 10,000 ft community garden and individual raised bed gardens.
Vibrant wildlife to watch including many birds, turkeys, and albino squirrels.
A 60 acre campus full of trails and seating.


Convenient with an easy to live residence with many amenities! To help facilitate this lifestyle we provide

An attached garage on most homes.
Conveniently located washer and dryer in each home.
Easy to clean glass top stove and self cleaning oven.
On campus grounds care and snow removal.
High definition television with expanded channel offering.
Bus and driver that provides weekly shopping transportation.


Careful for a home and community designed for safety. To help facilitate this lifestyle we provide

Almost all homes are one level with no entrance or internal steps.
Convenient grab bars in every bathroom.
Anti skid grip texture can be applied to wood/vinyl floor to reduce fall risks.
Walk in shower and/or easy access tub in each home.
Weekday mail delivered to front door by request in winter.


Catered for service provides to care for their needs and a home designed for aging in place. To help facilitate this lifestyle we provide

Nursing agency partners that can provide custom in-home nursing care.
Cleaning agency partners that can provide house cleaning and cooking.
Homes and facilities designed for easy walker and wheelchair access.


Resident Services (All Included)

Television:  A high definition TV package with around 200 channels is included.
Appliances Included:  We provide a refrigerator, microwave, stove, washer, and dryer in everyone's home along with repair service and replacement.  Most units have a dishwasher.
All Maintenance:  We do all maintenance for our residents. Everything from changing a light bulb to replacing the furnace. We are on call 24/7 for maintenance emergencies. We pay all costs associated with fixing large maintenance issues like needing a new furnace, replacement roof, replacement windows, new sidewalk, etc.
General House Upkeep:  We automatically provide a broad range of household tasks to make life easier. These include furnace filter changes, smoke alarm check, exterior window cleaning, trash pickup and more!
Mowing & Trimming:  We mow and trim all lawns on our 60 acre campus.
Automatic Lawn Treatments:  We automatically provide a broad range of lawn and grounds treatment. This includes fertilizing, weed prevention, weed control, and grub prevention treatments.
Landscaping & Plants:  We take care of all the landscaping. This includes weeding, trimming, repairing, refreshing ground covering, and replacing expired plants.
Proactive Pest Prevention:  We take multiple steps to prevent any pest issues. Pest prevention pellets are periodically spead around all homes and campus plants are treated for pests such as Japanese beetles.
Prompt Snow & Ice Removal:   We plow the roads, scoop the walkways, and apply salt when necessary after each snowstorm.
Weekly Transportation:  We have a driver who transports residents for shopping weekly, many restaurant trips throughout the month, and to doctor visits if residents can't drive.
Constant Community Events:  We have a lively campus with a broad range of events each month. These include potlucks, brunches, and many restaurant outings where our driver takes everyone in the bus. We also communicate with residents in the business decision making with regular campus meetings, yearly audit meeting, and an elected resident council.

Many Community Facilities:  We have many community buildings for residents to use including a resident lounge, fitness room, pavilions, gazeboz, many walking trails, and a 10,000 ft2 community garden.





1. Kitchen Remodel

2. New Flooring

3. Paint

4. Light Fixtures

5. Landscaping

6. Shelving

7. Shower & Tub.

8. Bathroom Vanities.

9. LED Bulb Retrofit.

10. Blinds & Shutters.

11. Decks & Patios.

12. And More!



Each unit has a renovation allowance and overages are pre-paid prior to move-in.


What are my Move-In Options?


We provide a standard 12 month rental option with a deposit equal to one month's rent. Month to month options available. Please check our availability sheet or call the office to learn about our current rental options.


Purchase Life Lease

Any available cottage can be purchased with a life lease. With a life lease, the resident (or their estate) will receive a guaranteed equity refund when they move out. We handle the process of re-selling the home, creating a stress free transition. The percentage of purchase refunded depends on the length of your stay. Residents who choose the rental option can switch to the life lease option at any time. For more information check out our community guide.


For information on our wait list options, please click here.