We provide a standard 12-month rental option with a deposit equal to one month's rent. Month-to-month options are available. Please check our availability sheet or call the office to learn about our current rental options.


Purchase Life Lease


Any available cottage can be purchased with a life lease. With a life lease, the resident (or their estate) will receive a guaranteed equity refund when they move out. We handle the process of re-selling the home, creating a stress-free transition. The refund amount depends on the length of your stay. Residents who choose the rental option can switch to the life lease option at any time.


For more information, please check our resources below:

Click here to view the Resident Handbook

Click here to view an example of a Life Lease

Click here to view an example Rental Lease

Click here to view the Maple Lawn Homes Community Guide




For information on our wait list options, please click here.